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Right Surveyors, Street, Somerset

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Right Surveyors is a customer focused, independent practice of chartered building surveyors covering the town of Street in the county of Somerset. Our RICS qualified property surveyors have decades of experience inspecting and reporting upon diverse homes and business properties within the Street region of Somerset.

Years of successful practice have been built upon providing RICS ‘best practice’ property and building surveying services focused around satisfying the needs of each and every client. To do this, we avoid providing standardised 'template' reports, as many of the other general practice firms do, and instead provide bespoke reports to all our Street based clients. Whilst we ensure competitiveness on fees, our surveyors in Street also make sure that all of the information you receive is both useful and specifically about the property you're buying or living in (that is, not copied from standard paragraphs).

We believe that a surveyor has a big part to play in relieving some of the stress inherent in buying property and we take pleasure in providing a streamlined, value-for-money surveying service. In particular, we have the skills to survey period and listed buildings and will be happy to operate on your behalf.

RICS Specialist Building Surveys

Building Surveys to suit your budget from a specialist
chartered building surveyor

With a wide range of building survey formats to suit every property, every budget and every client's specific needs; we're able to satisfy our clients in a bespoke way, without shoe-horning them into a service they don't need. Your very own surveyor will help guide you through your property purchase, getting to know you and the property on an individual level.

Large Period building in Street, Somerset
A Building in the town of Street and county of Somerset